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ऐसे बनाये वेज मोमोस | Veg Momos Recipe | Summer Recipe | Easy way to fold momos | Kunal Kapur


Veg momos recipe is one of the most requested among Indian-Chinese food recipes. Veg Momos are tantalizing, the traditional food of Tibet. Veg momos or dim sum are steamed dumplings stuffed with a lightly spiced vegetable filling. A popular Tibetan recipe and also a popular North Indian street food. The steamy hot momos are enjoyed the most during chilly winters.

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Oil – 3tbsp
Garlic chopped – 1tbsp
Ginger chopped – 1tbsp
Green chilli chopped – 2tsp
Onion chopped – ¼ cup
Mushrooms chopped – ¼ cup
Cabbage – 1 cup
Carrots chopped – 1 cup
Spring onion chopped – ½ cup
Salt – to taste
Soya sauce – 2½ tbsp
Cornstarch –
Water – a dash
Coriander chopped – a handful
Spring onions – a handful
Butter – 1tbsp

Tomato Ketchup – 1cup
Chilli Sauce – 2-3tbsp
Ginger chopped – 1tsp
Onion chopped – 2tbsp
Coriander chopped – 2tbsp
Soya sauce – 1½ tbsp
Spring onion chopped – 2tbsp
Green chilli chopped – 1tsp

Extra Shots:
Make Veg Manchow Soup using leftover Momos Stuffing

Oil – 2 tbsp
Leftover veggies – ½ cup
Soya sauce – 1 tbsp
Vinegar – ½ tbsp
Chilli sauce – 2 tsp
Tomato ketchup – 3 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Pepper – ½ tsp
Water – 2 cups
Corn starch – 1 tbsp
Water – a dash
Fresh Coriander – 1tbsp
Spring onions – 2tbsp

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Hi, I am Chef Kunal Kapur and this is my space, my channel. Subscribe & Together let’s cook.

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